An Entourage-style series about a group of young friends in their early twenties who start an online sportsbook and make it big.

Three college-age friends work as low-level employees of a well-known online sportsbook and the owner of the company is a dick. They have dreams about how they would run their own operation, and when the math whiz of the group, Albert, aka Rain Man, hits a long shot ten-team parlay, and wins $5 million, they have their seed money to get started.

Money, women, parties, drama and comedy follow.

Cast of Main Characters

Jake – the tall, handsome alpha male of the crew. He’s a boxer and mixed martial artist who provides an aura of protection to this group of sports geeks.

Chucky – Jake’s right-hand man. He’s savvy in business social media and always looking to get ahead.

Albert – Nicknamed Rain Man by his friends, he’s a socially awkward math whiz with a particular eye for patterns.

Sunny – Jake’s girl and the mother of his daughter, she’s a straight-laced good girl, who’s working her way through law school while raising a toddler.

Baccaloobots – The street guy of the crew. He tends bar at a popular local sports bar and has connections for whatever you need.

Allain – The owner of the company, he’s a narcissist whose success in one field has deluded him into thinking he’s an expert at everything.

Episode One

Inside a moving Uber, a heavily drunken Chucky, sitting in the front passenger seat, spars with the driver, turning up the radio to full blast.

DRIVER: This is why you are supposed to sit in the back!

CHUCKY: This song is great! Do you know what he’s singing about? He left his girl on a Tuesday and now he wants her back, but Tuesday’s goooone, with the wiiiiiiiiiind!

DRIVER: I don’t care, it’s too loud, man!

Chucky opens the moonroof and howls.

The Uber screeches to a halt at the main entrance of a casino.

casino / bar / banging on doors in the city / ‘Ring’ doorbell camera footage / altercation with guys in neighborhood / Jake rescues him, beats up the bad dudes from the city, throws Chucky in the car and zooms off.

The next morning. Chucky opens his bloodshot eyes and tries to focus on the objects in the room to determine his whereabouts. Too early to try to recall the previous night’s events. He closes his eyes and rolls over.

Jake hears him rustling in the bed.

JAKE: Hey Stupid, you up?


JAKE: You gotta work in an hour. And you’re scheduled to be in the office today.

CHUCKY: Fuck that, I’m working remote. Can you make coffee?

Inside the office, the clock on the wall ticks slowly

Tick, tick, tick…

Monday morning

Albert types away. On his second monitor, the screen is filled with weather reports from across the country.

Televisions play sports highlights and scores all around the room.

Just before Tom, a supervisor, sneaks up behind him, Albert hits ‘Alt-Tab’ making the weather reports disappear.

TOM: Hey, Albert, how’s it going?

ALBERT: Good, good, Tom. What’s up?

TOM: Have you seen Chuck?

ALBERT: I think he’s working remote.

TOM: He’s scheduled in-office.

ALBERT: Oh, I don’t know, I’m not sure where he is.

TOM: Okay, thanks.

Tom walks away. Albert brings up the weather reports again.

Back at the house, Bobby Darin’s Mack the Knife blares

Scarlet billows start to spread…

Lies a body, just oozing life…

Chuck sits at his desk in his bedroom, gyrating to the music. Empty beer cans garnish the room. Chucky sings.

CHUCKY: Could that someone be Chuck the Knife!

Dinging sounds from the computer incessantly.

Jake flings the door open and comes in.

JAKE: Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Don’t you hear that?

CHUCKY: Hear what?

JAKE: The chat dinging!

CHUCKY: Fuck these chiselers! They’re breaking balls about 20 cent spins.

Jake rolls him out of the way and studies the monitors.

JAKE: Just credit him the spins.

CHUCKY: I’m not crediting him shit. He chats in ten times a day begging for free stuff.

Jake taps away on the keyboard. Chucky turns up the music.

JAKE: I credited him. What time is your lunch?


JAKE: Good. You’re done for the day. I’m sending an email from you to Tom that you don’t feel well and won’t be back this afternoon. DO NOT touch the computer.

CHUCKY: Fuck him too. This company blows. Wasting time with two-bit penny ante chiselers.

Jake signs out on the computer.

JAKE: Dude, it’s noon on Tuesday. You gotta slow down.

CHUCKY: Okay, okay, you’re right. Did you email that idiot?

JAKE: Yes.

CHUCKY: So, I’m off?

JAKE: Yes.


JAKE: I have to run over to Sunny’s, I’ll be back in a few hours.

CHUCKY: Lucky you.

JAKE: I know. Try to slow down.

CHUCKY: I will.

JAKE: Don’t be stupid, Stupid.

CHUCKY: Get out.

Jake leaves. Chucky moves back to the computer, lights up a joint and clicks on The Doors LA Woman. The guitar intro ascends. Chucky closes the bedroom door.


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