Anthony walks in, dishevelled from the night before. Tony sits at the table.
TONYDid you go over your lines?
ANTHONYYep, zippity doo-dah, zippity yay.
TONYI hope you’re seeing what I’m seeing, Anthony. 
ANTHONYWhat do you mean?
TONYThere are two types of women in this world, the ones you bang and the ones you marry. If you get them mixed up, your whole fucking life could be a disaster.
ANTHONYNot now, Dad. Talk about a buzz kill!
TONYListen Anthony, I know you think Jessica is hot, but that girl Steph is the real catch! Her assets will last.
ANTHONYWhere’s Jimmy?
ANTHONYAt Steph’s?
TONYThe whole theater knew you were going over to Jessica’s. 
ANTHONYSteph’s not like that!
TONYWhat’s the difference?
ANTHONYShe’s not a one night stand kind of girl.
TONYExactly my point. I’ll catch you later.
ANTHONYWhere are you going?
TONYI need a car.Tony exits.
Jimmy and Tony walk in, and are greeted by a beautiful RECEPTIONIST.
RECEPTIONISTWelcome to Hollywood Motors, may I help you?
TONYYeah, I’m looking for Johnny Suede.
RECEPTIONISTMr. DeLaurentis is in his office.  Whom shall I say is calling?TONYTony the Tiger.  (deadpan)And tell him I’m not gonna wait all fucking day.
The Receptionist nervously picks up the phone.
RECEPTIONIST(into phone)Mr. DeLaurentis, there’s a Tony Tiger here for you, and he said he doesn’t want to wait.(listens on phone)You want me to tell him that? He’s pretty big. Okay…(she hangs up; to Tony)Mr. DeLaurentis told me to tell you to… go… fuck yourself!
JIMMYWhat, I’ll bust his fuckin’!
Laughter is heard as a door opens and out comes JOHNNY SUEDE, mid 40s, tan & fit.
SUEDEYou should see your faces! 
TONYCome here, you rotten bastard!
Tony and Suede hug. Jimmy shakes his hand. The Receptionist is relieved.
SUEDECome in my office. 
TONYLook at you, Johnny, all lean and tan, printing money!
SUEDEYou should’ve come out with me years ago. Half of this would be yours.(gets serious)But enough about me, what happened back home?TONYThe old man got whacked, and we got out of dodge for a little while.
SUEDEWho did it?
TONYVito, we think.
SUEDEThat’s weird, because he called me out of the blue a few days ago, asking if I’d seen you two. And I hadn’t spoken to Vito since the Crow’s funeral last year.
TONYWhat did he say?
SUEDEHe told me that you two haven’t been seen since the murder.  (hesitates)He said word on the street is that you guys whacked the old man.
JIMMYThat lying rat!
TONYJimmy, calm down. What did you tell him? 
SUEDEThat I haven’t spoken to you in a year. 
TONYGood to know.
SUEDEYou’re safe and sound in LA. Whatever you need, I’m here to help. What can I do for you, Tony?
TONYA set of wheels for starters.
SUEDEWheels I have. What do you like? Beemer, Benz?
TONYI’ve always preferred a good old fashioned, American-made Cadillac.
SUEDEDone. What else?
JIMMYJohnny, you got any political connections?
SUEDEPolitical? You’re running from the law, now you want to run for mayor?JIMMYThere’s an old building on Melrose Avenue that I want to convert.
SUEDEI know a few guys, what do you have in mind?
JIMMYI might need an ordinance waiver.
SUEDEI should be able to arrange that. Is that it?
TONYFor now.
SUEDEThen let’s get you guys a car.
Vito deplanes with Agents Howard and Ryan behind him.
Vito, Howard and Ryan unpack. Ryan takes out a tracking device.RYANThis goes around your ankle. You already know how the audio wire works.
HOWARD(hands Vito keys)We’re also giving you a car. It’s equipped with a GPS for us to track you, so don’t get any ideas.
VITOHow far would I get with you two up my ass?
Jimmy drives a new Escalade with Tony in the passenger seat.
TONYDrop me off at the theater. Anthony’s teacher wants to talk to me.
JIMMYYou really gonna bang the teacher?
TONYShe wants me, what can I do?
JIMMYI don’t know what you got in your pants, but it must be a gold bar and two big diamonds.
The Escalade pulls into the theater parking lot.